Eternal Masters: Spellslinger Deck

My thoughts on Eternal Masters:

-Very fun format with power level increased across all levels

-Perhaps it was Shadows of Innistrad, but people didn’t seem to draft blue very much

-Elves felt like a really hard deck to draft.  I or others would often just hate draft the elf card because there was nothing else and we all overestimated its power.  Also doesn’t help that most of the key cards that make it insane are rare.

-Fun to draft, but won’t likely ever draft it again

As someone who has gambled all of modern masters and to my first eternal masters, I must say, it’s a huge gamble and while there will be the occasional boast of some random chase rare, most people pulled nothing that would even come close to the cost of the draft.

In regards to the deck I built, for some reason people in my table didn’t like Carbonize.  I didn’t know much about the format only a few archetypes like red/blue spells and elves.  The former was enough to sell me on this after I opened a Young Pyromancer pick 2.  Unfortunately, without any other Pyromancers and it being uncommon, I was desperate to find a second win condition.  I found it by nabbing both the red and blue legendary Hondens.  I figured with the amount of draw I’d be doing in my games, I’d nab a Honden, Pyromancer, or just burn my opponent outright with the amount of burn spells I was running.

All in all, it was great fun.. only wish it was a tad cheaper to justify me playing it again.