Magic Origins Prerelease

20150711_024553 20150711_024608

As this is my final prerelease as an expat, I thought I’d do something a bit different.  Fresh off the prerelease and slightly drunk, here we go:

Sealed felt faster than Khans of Tarkir,

Two drops and three drops were my biggest fear,

Removal in white felt sketchy and weak,

Celestial flare didn’t slow my losing streak.

My losses were always with those loyal to red,

Menace, renown triggers kept them ahead,

Removal was dire and no good ones were found,

No value cards with flashback or even rebound.

My rares were what kept me afloat,

I’d put Knightly Valor in that same boat,

Irrregulars and archangel though they did shine,

They drained my white mana most of the time.

I also ran boros like those I had fought,

They had one thing I just did not,

Topan Freeblade, annoying as can be,

A vigilance 3/3 is deadly on turn three.

Two-two was not bad, almost decent,

For a four round swiss tournament,

For two wins there I received two packs,

Not bad, not bad, for the ninjaexpat