Eternal Masters: Spellslinger Deck

My thoughts on Eternal Masters: -Very fun format with power level increased across all levels -Perhaps it was Shadows of Innistrad, but people didn’t seem to draft blue very much -Elves felt like… Continue reading

Shadow of Innistrad Draft/Thoughts

Shadow of Innistrad

Magic Origins Prerelease

As this is my final prerelease as an expat, I thought I’d do something a bit different.  Fresh off the prerelease and slightly drunk, here we go: — Sealed felt faster than Khans… Continue reading

Modern Masters 2015 again

There’s something very addictive about playing a format where you can open a pack with powerful staples like Tarmogoyf, Dark Confidant, and Vendilion Clique. As someone who spent way more than he likes… Continue reading

Modern Masters 2015

I was really excited for this set before they even released half the set.  It was around the time they spoiled Sarkhan for Dragons of Tarkhir as well as the Battle for Zendikar… Continue reading

Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease: Dromoka!

(Warning: This was written right after the midnight prerelease; I apologize in advance for any typos) I have been looking forward to a good prerelease for quite some time.  Prereleases are probably one… Continue reading

Going Blue: Drafting Fate Reforged

It has only been my second draft in the Khan’s of Tarkhir draft, but I learned how valuable blue was since that time.  In this block, I have noticed a huge number of … Continue reading

Drafting a New World

This will be a relatively personal blog, but don’t fret, I’ll get back to my normal limited experiences later.  If you’re here just for magic, just skip to the last paragraph. I have… Continue reading

M15 Prerelease: “Pooling it” together

It was a George Michael song that said “Sometimes the clothes don’t make the man.” Similarly, rares and mythics don’t make the deck.

Was not “Born of the Gods” yesterday; 3 things I learned in sealed

When I saw the spoiled cards, I really wasn’t that excited about the set.  Prereleases, however, are just too fun to pass up and despite my initial prejudices against all the cats in… Continue reading